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Materials for the Arts Lesson Plans

Found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Materials for the Arts Lesson Plans are cross-curricular lessons for K-12 students grouped under art, ELA, math, science, and social studies. The lessons repurpose materials that would otherwise be bound for landfills. All lessons are aligned with the Arts Blueprint (NYC) and Common Core standards and can be downloaded as PDFs.

  • In Shaving Cream: Color Mixing (Art) ( PDF, 98 KB, 4 pgs.) Pre-K students explore primary and secondary colors. The lesson opens with a reading of White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker. If you or your library doesn’t have a copy, there are readings online.
  • Reused Styrofoam Trays: Thematic Posters ( PDF, 71 KB, 2 pgs.) (Art) Students in grades 5-12 make stamps from foam mats to create Anti-Bullying Posters and complete Anti-Bullying activities.
  • Reused Plastic Bags: “My Waste” Bar Graphs (Math) ( PDF, 243 KB, 7 pgs.) Students in grade 3 collect what they would normally throw away during the day in a trash bag and then separate the contents in three groups: waste, reusable material, and recyclable materials. They then make bar graphs, interpret the data, and think of ways to reduce their daily waste. Worksheets are included.
  • The Science of Paper (Science) ( PDF, 80 KB, 1 pg.) Students in grades 7-10 examine the macro, micro, and nano-scale characteristics of paper. The lesson provides links to two reading. The URL for the second reading, “Saving Paper” is a dead link. However, Saving Paper can be found here.


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