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Online Physical Education Network (OPEN)

Found in: health & phys ed; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Online Physical Education Network (OPEN)  Provides modules of physical activities aligned with standards for K-2, 3-5, middle school and high school students. Free registration is required.

Seven modules for K-2 include instant activities (K-5), dance, volleying & striking skills for paddle and racquet activities, foot skills, locomotor & manipulative skills, ball handling & dribbling skills, and personal & social responsibility. Instant Activities are designed to get students active and engaged as soon as they enter the PE classroom. The module provides activities and other resources in PDF and Word format. Farmville  is a tag-like warm-up game in which “farmers” protect eggs and super-eggs in a coup from “chickens” who are trying to take them back to their nests. The lesson plan lists necessary equipment and set-up, suggests modifications for K-2 and 3-5, and provides post-activity questions.

Seven modules for 3-5 include instant activities, invasion basics, jump rope, basketball skills, soccer skills, fitness knowledge, and personal & social responsibility. Fitness Knowledge includes lessons, activities, and assessments designed to develop and reinforce SHAPE Outcomes. Invisible Dumbbells  asks students to complete Invisible Dumbbell Challenges at twelve stations, rotating every minute. Lists progressions for grades 3,4,and 5. Invisible Dumbbell Challenge Card includes an illustrated description of each station’s exercise.

Four modules for middle school include instant activities, rugby, circus arts, and tools for learning roundnet. Circus Arts  develop bilateral coordination, balance, and confidence. Basic Juggling introduces students to cascade juggling with scarves. This activity includes a video: Tutorial How To Get Started At Juggling, Three Scarves (4:32) and  Juggling Station Cards  outline juggling with four objects: scarves, balls, rings, and clubs.

Three modules for high school include instant activities, badminton, and creative mode fitness. Creative Mode Fitness focuses on exercise intensity and heart rate concepts. Though still in development, the module offers drafts of three sets of activities. Lessons For Life  ( PDF, 23.7 MB, 82 pgs.) addresses measuring physical activity for K-12 and adults. Lessons cover heart rate monitoring, analysis of heart rate data, and the use and implementation of activity monitoring in schools.


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