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Economics U$A: 21st Century Edition

Found in: math; social studies; 9-12

Economics U$A: 21st Century Edition is a 28-part course and resources that teach modern economic principles to high school and higher students. The course presents thirteen units each in micro- and macroeconomics and ends with two units in global economics. For a more detailed description, see About.

Units, for example Markets, contain half-hour videos and half-hour audios, and their transcripts. The transcripts can be downloaded as PDFs. The videos are more recent, recorded in 2011. The audios are from 1985 but cover basic economic principles that are still relevant today. In addition, each unit includes a glossary of key unit terms, a quiz that gives immediate and explanatory feedback, biographies of the featured experts, and a web-based calculator.

Interactive Labs include four learning tools. Economic Timeline  that covers major market events from the Banking Panic of 1907 to the last minute debt ceiling increase of 2011. Control The U.S. Debt! lets students explore how they can accomplish what the president and Congress have not been able to do by adjusting spending and revenue. Two graphing labs let students help plan an affordable ski weekend and a maximize profits in a musical instrument factory.

Support Materials provides links to video and audio transcripts, supplemental audio transcripts, and related links and reading.

A complete Glossary is provided in addition to each unit’s key terms.


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