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Calculation Nation

Found in: math; 3-5; 6-8

Calculation Nation has a collection of 13 math strategy games practice skills in fractions, factors, geometry, multiples, symmetry and more. About Games  describes game play and the concepts involved. Students (grades 4-8) can choose to compete against another player (membership is worldwide) or against the computer. Each game supplies directions and information for parents and teachers. Registration is required and free.

Some of the games sacrifice their math value to chance or keyboard control. These are easily recognized and can be avoided.

In Factor Dazzle, game play begins when the opponent or player chooses a number on the board and earns points equal to that number. The player tries to identify all the factors of the number to earn points equaling the sum of the factors. Points are subtracted for incorrect factors or factors not identified. As a game progresses, only factors not previously used need to be indicated. Game play ends when no unplayed factors remain on the board.

In Fraction Feud, opponents fight two battles of five jousts each. Each player starts with 12 cards. Two cards are used in each joust to create a numerator and denominator. Each player will have 2 cards left at the end of the first battle. An additional 8 cards are then added before the second battle. The object of the game is to create smaller (or larger, depending on the joust) or equivalent fractions. Points are awarded accordingly.

In Times Square, the game board has 36 squares with all possible products that result when 1-9 are multiplied. At the bottom of the board are the factors 1-9. Players take turns selecting factors to highlight products and to gain control of squares. The object is to control 4 squares in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and to block the opponent from doing so.


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