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Sally Ride EarthKAM

found in: math; science; social studies; 6-8

Sally Ride EarthKAM  is a NASA middle school program to engage students in Earth and space science, geography, social studies, mathematics, communications, and art with images and activities. When the Sally Ride EarthKAM camera is operational, middle school students anywhere in the world can request images of specific locations on Earth. A searchable archive of images is available.

Images  can be accessed in a number of ways. Nine specialized image collections include annotated images, composite images, electronic lithographs, panoramic images, and slide shows. The Image Gallery  can be browsed by dated mission or searched by keyword. A search of “London” turns up one image that can be downloaded in three sizes. The image includes a key, scale, image data, latitude and longitude, and description. If a search doesn’t produce an image, an advanced search page appears that offers filters and a search by latitude and longitude function.

Activities  are grouped under eleven headings and cover Earth, the solar system, and the universe.

Some of the available resources include Interpreting EarthKAM images, with three activities: Where In The World?; Earth Images Bingo;  Cool Career—Carolyn Porco. All include Teacher Guides. Cool Career  ( PDF, 410 KB, 2 pgs.) examines the career of Carolyn Porco a scientist who studies the rings that surround Saturn as well as those of Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The website STEM on Station  has lesson plans, activities, opportunities, videos, still imagery and the latest ISS news. For example, Build the Space Station Simulation – Educator Guide  ( PDF, 2.7 MB, 42 pgs.) is a group or class project for constructing a paper model of the International Space Station (ISS). Another resource is The Search for STEMnauts,  which provides a calendar of events, virtual fieldtrips to NASA locations, and a chance to interact live with experts.

Teachers can Create an ISS EarthKAM Account and then Login to request images or to join a future mission.


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