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found in: preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12; math

YouCubed is a free K-12 math resource from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education.

Tasks are activities that can be filtered by grade, level of difficulty, concept, MP standard, and topic. They can be downloaded as PDFs. For example, School Fair Necklaces is an introductory activity that asks students to determine how many different symmetrical necklaces they could create with eight beads using four beads of one color and four of another. In Simpsons Sunblocker, students work in teams to explore the concept of geometric proportionality. One of the more challenging activities, Nine Colors asks Rubik’s cube fans to use 27 cubes (three each of nine colors) to create a 3x3x3 cube so that each face has all nine colors.

Videos include mindset boosting videos, videos from teachers, and teaching videos.

Evidence is a collection of research. Dr. Boaler contends that there is no such thing as a “math brain” and that anyone can succeed in math at any level. Anyone Can Learn to High Levels makes an argument for brain plasticity.

News collects recent articles from.  Periodicals. Five Ways To Shift Teaching Practice So Students Feel Less Math Anxious is a KQED News story and video.

Online Teacher Courses are available as well as Professional Development at Stanford and a free, self-paced Online Student Course in English and Spanish.


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