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Maps ETC

found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Maps ETC is an atlas of more than 5,000 historic maps for K-12 students and teachers. Maps are organized in galleries by world, continent, and USA. GIF or JPEG files are available for screen display and PDFs in B&W and color for printing. Browse galleries or search the database. The Site Map  facilitates easy access. A note indicates that the database is updated first so that a search can sometimes find a map that has not yet been added to a gallery.

For example, opening the Africa gallery reveals subsections for complete and regional maps as well as six nations. Clicking Complete Maps brings up 86 political and physical maps, pre-colonial and colonial maps, climate maps, relief maps, population density and distribution maps, vegetation maps, and economic/resource maps. Choosing The Colonization of Africa, 1870–1910 provides a color map with description. Links to downloadable B&W and color PDFs are included as well as Zoomify version that can be expanded and moved for searching.

To illustrate the different results achieved by browsing and searching, browsing the collection of Egypt turns up 26 maps while searching the keyword “Egypt”  turns up 114.


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