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New Science Teacher (TnST)

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

New Science Teacher (TnST)  is a reference source for K-8 pre-service and current science teachers as well as parents.

Curriculum Resources provide lesson plans in general science, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. Lessons are aligned with Virginia and National Science Standards. Some examples: 20 Questions  (3:10) is a video that demonstrates how questioning can prepare students for inquiry. Friction: Friend or Foe? is a 4th grade physics lesson in which students work in groups to investigate the role friction plays in the everyday lives. A video demonstration and links to supporting content and an assessment checklist are included. Observing Details is a 6th grade biology lesson in which students work in groups to closely observe a peanut so that they can identify their own after it has been mixed with others from their group.

Subject References are available for biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics.

Hot Science links to resources in science history, trivia, research, and safety as well as to Ask a Scientist and Other Resources, which includes book titles, videos, and objects that would be useful in teaching science.

Pedagogy covers teaching strategies and learning styles. Strategies include discussion, concept attainment and development, direct instruction, jigsaw, memory through motion, Suchman Inquiry, and think, pair & share. The jigsaw method is useful when time is short and the amount of material to cover great. Suchman Inquiry uses the steps used in scientific inquiry to approach problems in general. Memory through motion is a mnemonic technique that should appeal especially to kinesthetic learners. Learning styles outlines Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Glossary defines subject area terms only.


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