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National Science Digital Library

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National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is a collaborative network of international providers that support K-12+ science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education with thousands of resources. Teachers can search by keyword and/or narrow by subject (applied science, education, life science, mathematics, physical science), grade level, and standard (Next Generation Science and Common Core Math).

For example, selecting “Applied Science” and “Lower Primary” produces 1313 results and an opportunity to further filter using one of eight subcategories under applied science. Choosing “Engineering” only reduces the list to 967.

Performing the same initial search and adding the keyword “Bridges” produces 64 resources, a more manageable selection. These can be ordered by relevance (title, relevance, rating, date, visits). The first resource is Paper Bridge a lab for students to experiment with different designs for simple bridges spanning six inches using only paper and testing strength with pennies. The second is What Gives?, a more sophisticated challenge for older students to build a suspension bridge spanning two chairs and that will support a pile of books.

At a higher level, using the search term “Computers” under “Mathematics” and “High School” produces 544 resources. One of these is Artificial Intelligence,  an activity in which students explore computer intelligence by interacting with a piece of paper that lists rules for playing a perfect game of tic-tac-toe. A video (4:00) examines the present state of computer intelligence. The activity is available as a PDF and links to related resoueces are given.


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