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Inside Science

found in: science; 6-8; 9-12

A news service of the American Institute of Physics, Inside Science  provides reliable science news that can be used to support lessons in grade 6-12 classrooms. The website can be keyword searched or resources can be browsed under eight headings: creature, culture, Earth, human, physics, space, sports, and technology.

A recent story under technology, LiFi – Lighting Up the Digital Highway System,  introduces a fabric-based information system that uses light to send digital data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. The print story includes a video (2:40).

A story under culture, Secrets of Longevity: Roman Concrete, explains why seawater that weakens modern concrete strengthens ancient Roman concrete. Research suggests that creating modern concretes the same way would result in more durable structures and generate less carbon dioxide.

A story under sports, Engineers Push the Limits to Develop the World’s Fastest Bike,  describes how scientists and athletes push the limits at the World Human-Powered Speed Challenge with high-tech bicycles. The current speed records for a single male rider in the 200 meter flying start is 89.59 mph and for a single female 75.69 mph.

Videos are 2-5 minutes long and often accompany articles. A Thanksgiving video, It’s The Calories Not The Turkey That Makes Us Sleepy,  (2:05) explains that calories (the average American may consume more than 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving day) not tryptophan causes after dinner drowsiness. Another, What Would Happen If There Were No Moon? (2:42) explains five ways Earth would be affected.


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