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ArtsNow Learning

found in: arts; language arts; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

ArtsNow Learning  program integrates K-6+ arts across the curriculum aligned with state and national standards. Curriculum guides, modules, and lessons can be downloaded as PDFS.

Curriculum Guides can be browsed in their entirety or filtered by grade range or subject. One guide, Acting Out the Adverb, But What About the Adjective?,  has grade 2 students compare adjectives and adverbs and discover how acting out an adverb is easier than an adjective. To distinguish adjectives and adverbs, they learn to imagine acting them out. In Adventure Island,  students in grades 3-draw their own treasure maps and write a narrative to go with it.

Six Modules provide experiences with shapes, magnets, states of matters, roller coasters, ecosystems, and physical changes. In Shapes, kindergarteners have three activities to explore geometry through choreography, musical beat, and art. And in Chemical & Physical Changes,  students in grade 5 have two activities to act out and film their dramatization and in another dye fabric.

Integrated Units are for students in grades K-7. They can be browsed as a whole of filtered by grade. African Studies is a unit for grade 7. Students explore traditional dance, create masks, and share both in a culminating presentation.

Professional Development Opportunities  are available as well.


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