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Multimedia Gallery

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Koshland Science Museum’s Multimedia Gallery offers interactives, videos, audios, and images for K-12 science.

Five Interactives let students explore community action during disasters, coastal resilience, climate change, brain anatomy and neural function, and lights at night. Using the Mitigation Simulator,  for example, students reduce greenhouse gas emissions by first identifying their commitment to four priorities and then adjusting six factors to meet their goals. Students can compare their efforts to sample solutions, visualize the impact of their choices with graphs, and start over at any point.

Videos cover subjects like climate change, a cell’s inner working, why we age, and a number provide information on one of the interactives, the Extreme Event Game,  that requires 12-48 players and helps demonstrate the importance of community coalitions in responding to disasters. Teachers or students who want to host a simulation can watch clips of one in action and How to Create Your Own Extreme Event Game Materials (2:23).

Audios of 10-15 minutes provide stories from scientists about moments when science changed their lives. Emily Hoffman, (9:10) a materials scientist tells how she met her best friend in science class and how that even after pursuing very different careers in science and theology they are motivated by solving problems and remain friends.

Images include an infographic on building a nation more resilient to natural disaster, satellite images showing the effects of drought in Kansas, and the chemistry of ocean acidification.


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