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World History Sources

found in: science; 9-12

The high school history materials in World History Sources examine civilizations in relation to each other rather than in isolation; the economic, social, and cultural consequences of contact; and the effects of technology, migration, disease, trade, and religion.

Finding World History organizes primary resources under region and time period. A section on Cultural Contact is included under Region, which includes the Papers of Sir Joseph Banks, a botanist who accompanied Captain James Cook on Endeavor during Cook’s first voyage of exploration to the South Pacific. The section on Time Periods includes nine subsections spanning 6000 years. An introductory essay, New Tools, New Possibilities, provides guidance in using primary sources, specifically addressing authority, quality of translation, and degree of cross–cultural context.

Unpacking Evidence is a series of eight guides covering primary documents: images, objects, maps, music, newspapers, official documents, personal accounts, and travel narratives. Guides include introductory essays; questions geared to particular types of evidence, interactive quizzes, a sample analysis of a source, and annotated bibliographies of print and web resources.

Analyzing Documents In a series of short videos, historians explain how they analyze and use primary documents, the questions they ask, and where they can find more information. Transcripts of videos are included.

Teaching Sources provides case studies for documents and links to nine more case studies and additional resources in Women in World History.


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