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Zeno Toolbox

found in: math; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

Zeno Toolbox features free math games, activities, and other resources to develop skills in K-5 children in the classroom, at home, or anywhere.

Early Learning Games are for young children and their families. These 15 games require only a few manipulatives or items found in the house. In Shape It Up, children use pattern blocks or cut out shapes ( PDF, 1.3 MB, 2 pgs.) make shapes using other shapes. Standards are listed. The Game Instructions  comes in Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, and Chinese as well.

Zeno Activity Bank  is a large collection that can be filtered by standard, grade, concept, strategy, and type of activity. With 3D Memory, children recognize 3D objects and 2D shapes. The activity includes Instructions  ( PDF 2pgs, 4.4 MB) and Cards ( PDF, 1.1 MB, 6 pgs.).

Teaching Tips + Games ( PDF, 5.0 MB, 29 pgs.) provides examples of best practices and activities organized by strand for primary to intermediate skill building.

Board Games suggests games at three grade levels and the math skills they develop.

Card Games describes 9 games that require only a standard deck of playing cards. Two teams of four players in Get To 100 ( PDF, 87.6 KB, 2 pgs.) add and subtract to get as close as they can to 100 to win.

Math Books  is a bibliography for K-6 students.

Math Game Apps lists iPhone, Android, and Windows apps.


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