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Middle School Activity Breaks

found in: health & PE; 6-8

Middle School Activity Breaks  ( PDF, 217 KB, 35 pgs.) is a collection of 30 physical breaks from academic work. Each activity requires 5-10 minutes. Some activities can be used in any subject. Others are for language arts, math, science, or social studies. There are individual, partner, or small group activities. Activities list equipment needed and provide other tools. Guidelines make eleven suggestions for using the activities.

These are some representative activities:

In Activity Break #4: Team Quiz Hustle, students compete in teams of three of four by exercising and answering questions at four stations. An incorrect answer sends a team back to repeat the exercise.

In Activity #8: Poker Fitness, pairs of students choose a card from a regular playing deck, match it to a key, and do the corresponding exercise.

In Activity #18, Scatter Fitness, individual students spread around the room and do two or three exercises at the teacher’s direction.

In Activity #20: Parts of Speech Go Round, the class is divided into three groups: part of speech, definition of part of speech, and example of the part of speech. Each is given a card and has to find their two corresponding cards. When they meet up, they run in place until all the groups are matched.

In Activity #22: Stop And Solve, partners do an announced physical activity. After writing an equation on the board, the teacher freezes them. The students try to solve the equation with pencil and paper. After a short period the teacher announces pencils down and a new activity. When the cycle of activities and equations ends, the teacher posts the correct answers on the board.


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