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Ben Across The Curriculum

found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Ben Across The Curriculum offers 30 cross curricular lesson plans aligned with national standards that develop five themes: Character Matters; B. Franklin, Printer; Civic Visions; Useful Knowledge; and World Stage.

Elementary (K-5) includes Benjamin Franklin and the Way to a Good Life,  ( PDF, 46.3 KB, 3 pgs.) a lesson in which grade K-2 students consider Franklin’s thirteen virtues and then write their own. In another lesson, Classroom Constitutional Convention, (  PDF, 44.1 KB, 3 pgs.) grade 3-5 students convene a constitutional convention to write a preamble for their school.

Middle School (6-8) has Many Bens: Character Revealed in Writing,  ( PDF, 52.1 KB, 5 pgs.) that asks students to explore Franklin’s use of persona, voice, and genre in his writing. In Simple Machines, Ben Franklin and the Technology of the 1700s,  ( PDF, 44.3 KB, 3 pgs.) students examine simple machines in 18th-century prints and design an invention using one of the six simple machines.

High School (9-12)  includes In Franklin’s Philadelphia: Another Point of View,  ( PDF, 50.6 KB, 3 pgs.) students examine the experience of other social and economic groups living in the Philadelphia region during Franklin’s lifetime. And in Designing Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World,  ( PDF, 58.9 KB, 5 pgs.) teams of 3-4 students design an exhibition celebrating Franklin’s scientific innovations.

More than 300 Franklin Artifacts can be browsed under theme and object type or keyword searched. Images can be enlarged and include an overview, description, and further information, as well as links to related objects.

Franklin Trivia is an entertaining set of factoids about Franklin and his time.


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