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Teachers’ Lab

found in: language arts; math; science; preK-2; 3-5; 9-12

Teachers’ Lab is a professional development resource for K-12 math and science teachers. Its purpose is to provide a deeper understanding of commonly taught concepts. Four labs include online activities, background information, interactives, and links to related material. Firefox users: some features require Java.

The Science of Light has activities that let users explore light. Simulations cover light in color and the laws of light. Links are supplied for additional hands-on activities. Made from Dots describes how color magazine photographs are made from dots of four colors. An activity lets users match a "magazine" color by blending dots.

Shape and Space in Geometry includes activities identifying properties and measuring dimensions of shapes and visualizing how objects will look when moved. Standards are listed. Shadows asks teachers to decide if a cube could produce three different shadows.

Explore logic, number, and word patterns in Patterns in Mathematics. Background for the activities provide more ideas for the classroom. Standards are listed. In Word Patterns  teachers create limericks and adjust word order to make sentences.

In A Private Universe Project,  teachers practice techniques to identify student misconceptions and explore strategies to foster scientific understanding. Nine hour-long workshops cover how to draw out student ideas, how to teach concepts that contradict personal experience, how to create a constructivist lesson plan, and more. Teachers can earn two graduate credits.


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