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Finance in the Classroom

found in: math; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Finance in the Classroom provides personal finance resources for K-12 teachers, students and parents. Scope and Sequence  is an overview of topics of instruction for each grade level. The website features three main resource sections: teachers, students, and parents.

Teacher Resources has lesson plans, an annotated bibliography of books, multimedia, vocabulary, printables, and more, 16 resource folders in all.

Lessons & Activities fall under three headings: mathematics, social studies, and language arts. Standards are listed with all activities. Students earn printable Student Passports after completing a course of study. One kindergarten activity, Making Spending Decisions,  students make guided, money-related, decisions in the context of grocery, toy, and snack time shopping.

General Financial Literacy Course is designed specifically for Utah juniors and seniors to meet state graduation requirements in financial literacy but can be adapted by teachers in any state.

Student Resources include activities, online tools, money quotes, and more. Activities offer more than 50 interactives for all grade levels. One game for teens, Spam Scam Slam, provides practice in recognizing a scam. (Note: After playing three rounds, students are urged to follow a link to learn more about scamming, however the existing link is broken. This link to OnGuardOnline  works.)

Parent Resources include discussion starters, an annotated bibliography, online tools, games, multimedia, and more.


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