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Database of K-12 Resources UNC

found in: language arts; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Database of K-12 Resources offers K-12 activities and grade 5-12 lesson plans aligned to the North Carolina Essential Standards. Some lessons are specifically intended for NC students, but even those can be adapted to other states. Lessons include contemporary images, maps, and more. All activities and lessons are in PDF format. Lesson searches can be narrowed by grade/course (social studies, American history, world history, civics & economics, and English language arts) and nearly 60 topics. Activity searches can be narrowed by grade range and 14 topics.


Reconstruction After the Civil War ( PDF, 380 KB, 14 pgs.) is a grade 5 lesson in which students role play as members of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction and try to devise a plan to restore the Confederacy to the Union and to accommodate the former slaves.

The Cuban Missile Crisis  ( PDF 14 pp., 4.4 MB) is an 8th grade lesson in which students participate in a mock air-raid, listen to recording of President Kennedy addressing the public, and write a letter to Soviet Premier Khrushchev suggesting ways to resolve the crisis.

The Fight for Voting Rights  ( PDF 17 pp., 391 KB) is an 8th-12th grade lesson in which students examine the African American struggle for the right to vote during the 50s and 60s. The lesson includes a PPT ( PDF, 8.3 MB, 24 pgs.)


Who Am I? An Exploration of Your Identity and Culture  ( PDF, 30.7 KB, 1 pg.) is a K-5 activity in which students choose to create one of ten products that will show who they are.

First Impressions, greeting and Names  ( PDF, 194 KB, 5 pgs.) is a grade 6-8 activity for students to explore how handshakes and names help form first impressions and then participate in a group activity and share personal information about their names.

To Ban or Not to Ban Invisible Man – A School Board Simulation  ( PDF, 390 KB, 17 pgs.) is a simulation in which students in grades 8-12 assume the roles of school board members to consider the First Amendment and the banning of Ralph Ellison’s novel.


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