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Vote Smart

found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Vote Smart provides K-12 civics education materials and information on political office holders.

Government 101 is a tutorial on the Constitution, congress, president, elections, campaign finances, the budget, state governments, and more. For example, How A Bill Becomes Law traces a proposed law from its introduction in the House or Senate to its adoption as law. And Electoral College explains our system of indirect popular election in which citizen votes count toward electors who pledge to vote for a specific candidate in the Electoral College.

Vote Smart's K-12 Classroom Activities and Resources is a collection of 24 lessons for government and social studies teachers. Lessons are grouped by grades. Writing a Letter to Our Representatives  ( PDF, 89.3 KB, 2 pgs.) is a K-2 lesson. Students write a letter in proper format to their representative asking a question. Respecting Opinions  ( PDF, 85.3 KB, 2 pgs.) is a grade 3-5 lesson. Students establish rules for respecting those they disagree with. The Three Branches of Government  ( PDF, 116 KB, 5 pgs.) is a grade 6-8 lesson. Students name and list the functions of the three branches. What is a Special Interest Group? ( PDF, 90 KB, 2 pgs.) is a grade 9-10 lesson. Students investigate special interest groups and the issues they are involved with. Creating a Campaign Website ( PDF, 106 KB, 3 pgs.) is a grade 11-12 lesson. Students create their own campaign websites stating where they stand on current issues.

For Teachers  links to a Political Glossary as well as other resources.


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