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Film English

found in: language arts; 6-8; 9-12

Film English is a resource for ELL teachers. The website features short films and lesson plans. Browse or filter by theme or grade level. This is a UK website and some of the vocabulary may be unfamiliar, for example ELT is our ELL/ESL. Lessons include pre-viewing and post-viewing activities.

Taking Pictures is a lesson for grades 7-12+ students with elementary to pre-intermediate English language skills that uses the animated short Taking Pictures (1:53) to explore vocabulary associated with photography, taking photos, and describing photos. The Lesson ( PDF, 426 KB, 5 pgs.) asks students to work with a partner.

A Single Life is a lesson for grades 7-12+ students with intermediate to upper intermediate language skills that uses the 2015 Academy Award nominated animated short A Single Life (2:13) to explore the vocabulary for different stages of life. The Lesson ( PDF, 1.6 MB, 4 pgs.) links to the original film and to an interactive version that quizzes students on their understanding of verb tenses are provided.

Apricot  is a lesson for grades 7-12+ students with intermediate to advanced language skills that uses the award-winning live action short Apricot (10:36) to explore the vocabulary of childhood memory and includes childhood memories photos and memories discussion questions. The Lesson ( PDF, 117 KB, 3 pgs.) links to a version of the film that can be enlarged.

The website is the work of Kieran Donaghy, who has 25 years experience in English language teaching, and links to other resources that could be used in ELL classrooms. For example, teachers can download a free copy of his latest book The Image In English Language Teaching  ( PDF, 1.4 MB, 2 pgs.) that encourages students to become more active viewers and more visually literate.


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