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U.S. Mint Educator Resources

found in: social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

Educators - U.S. Mint is a collection of lessons, games, and videos about coins and minting.

K-12 Lesson Plans can be filtered by grade, subject, coin type, or coin program. Lessons list National and Common Core Standards. I’m in the Money! is a K-2 math game in which students count out cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters to cover the costs of labeled classroom items. Coin Battery is a grade 3-8 science activity in which students build batteries using coins. Changing Hands is a grade 7-8 economics activity in which students research and present information the Federal Reserve System and its relationship to the Department of the Treasury.

Kids Games games features four games. Making Change lets students design their own coins by selecting eight components. Along the way, they learn about traditional U.S. coins. Completed designs can be printed.

How Coins Are Made includes a short video showing the coin-making process from design to minting. Also included are a map of mint location, timeline, coin calendar with lessons, and fun facts.

Art In Your Pocket has a video that features one coin designer, links to other artist pages, and links to other videos showing designers as they work.

Kids have their own page at U.S. Mint for Kids.


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