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Wind With Miller

found in: science; 6-8

Wind With Miller was developed by the Danish Wind Industry Association as a supplemental resource primarily for grades 6-8 science students. However, there is also a Guided Tour on Wind Energy suitable for high school students.

The Crash Course opens with the animated How Does It Work. This section describes how the components of a wind turbine (nacelle, rotor, gear, generator, and tower) fit together and work, as well as covers the basics of wind, siting, and installation of a tower. For example, the Nacelle index links to components and describes their function. The animated illustration is clickable as well, but using the index guarantees that students will have all the parts introduced. Clicking the “More” button in the sidebar on the right provides more information. Activities and slideshows illustrate aspects that have been introduced. In the Ncelle section, for instance, is an activity called Make a Wind Sock.

Activities include virtual and practical activities. The Wind Turbine Simulator did not work properly with Firefox or Chrome. The website date is 2001 and recommends a minimum of Version 4 of Netscape or IE which highlights the age of the simulation. If you have an older computer handy, you may be in luck. The 9 practical activities require no software. One of two new activities is Build a Wind Turbine ( PDF, 275 KB, 4 pgs.). The instructions for the lattice tower, turbine, and gearbox are illustrated and list essential supplies for each step. The second, Experiments with the Turbine, ( PDF, 192 KB, 4 pgs.) describes a number of activities using the completed turbine.

Teacher’s Guide  describes how the website can be used and links to additional resources.


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