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Carle Museum

found in: arts; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The Carle Museum  (The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art) features a blog, Making Art Together with activities for Pre-K-12 art students, and 25 Bookmaking activities can be incorporated in any subject area. These activities are also an opportunity to pair older and younger students. Teachers can search by media, author, grade level, or browse by month. There are categories for internships and professional development resources, as well.

Gross-Motor Bubble Wrap Stamping  is an activity for pre-K-5 children. Students make large bubble wrap stamps by sticking bubble wrap to foam trays, yogurt cups, and other flat-bottomed containers with double sided tape and print with tempera paints on large sheets of paper. The finished prints can be used as gift wrap, book covers, and more.

In Animal Mobiles  students in grades 2-4 make stamps of different shapes and patterns and use them to print paper that will be mounted on cardstock shapes and assembled as mobiles.

Comic Quests is a grade 5-8 activity in which students create a moveable figure and multiple background scenes on a single sheet of folded piece paper to move the figure on.

Fabric Collage Greeting Cards  is a grade 6-12 activity. Students use an iron and different fabrics and colors and double-sided fusible web to layer their designs.


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