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Math Science Music

found in: math; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Math Science Music is a cross-curricular resource for K-12+ students. Students explore music and its relationship to math and science with activities listed under 11 headings. The site’s navigation is unusual and may take some getting used to.

These are just some of the resources:

Scratch Jazz uses MIT’s Scratch programming to combine Jazz and coding. Students will find music and sound samples, jazz-themed tutorials, and remixable examples and can share and collaborate on projects in the online Scratch Jazz Design StudioPower Button is an example of the projects that have been shared on the site. Start with the Scratch Jazz Tutorial.

Groove Pizza is is a circular rhythm app for creating grooves (rhythm patterns) using shapes, angles, and patterns. Students can start with one of the pizza presets and add/remove "toppings" to adjust the rhythm, or click the "Shape Pizza" tab and drag various shapes to the pizza. Projects can be shared or exported.

Making Music Count explores keeping time in music. Impromptu software lets students use proportion, ratio, fractions, and common multiples to represent time values in music. This section supplies listening activities and lessons & materials.

aQWERTYon simplifies improvising, learning, and making music with a computer keyboard. Students can play along with YouTube music videos, learn music theory, and play and record MIDI. Check out the overview on Composing with aQWERTYon.  Two other resoureces let students jam with Herbie Hancock and James Brown.


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