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Eggs in Schools

found in: language arts; math; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The American Egg Board’s Eggs in Schools serves up Pre-K-12 language arts, math, science, nutrition, and cooking lessons, activities, games, videos, and facts about hens and eggs.

Lesson Plans & Materials
 are grouped under four grade level headings and are aligned with Common Core and other National Education Standards. Lessons can be downloaded as PDFs or complete groups of lessons in a Zipped file. In one grade 3 math lesson, Fresh Eggs,  ( PDF, 481 KB, 2 pgs.) students multiply and divide to 100 by drawing a picture or writing an equation for ten problems. An answer key is included. In a grade 4-6 writing lesson, A World of Food Choices, ( PDF, 277 KB, 10 pgs.) students choose a country and research geographic, economic, and cultural influences behind a dish from that country. With what they have learned, they write a menu description of the dish. 

Egg Reader (3-5) is a digital interactive that follows an egg from hen to home with questions, puzzles, and stories. Links to documents supporting claims made in the Digital Egg Reader are included.

Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips  Five video field trips, two have different versions for younger and older students. These may work best with younger, less cynical audiences.

Eggville Escapades
 features four fun and education games for grades 1-3. Feed the Farmer, Farm to Table, Eggs Across the USA or Coop Carnival allow students to practice language arts, math and social studies skills. The games work best on desktop computers and require Adobe Flash Player.

Videos include Eggs 101, an eight chapter video project with teacher guide; six interviews with egg farmers; and Cook & Learn Video Series with basic and advanced cooking techniques, excerpts from Eggs 101, and Egg Science.

Eggcyclopeida  ( PDF, 1.8 MB, 94 pgs.) is the latest illustrated and downloadable version of egg information.


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