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American Historical Association Classroom Materials

found in: social studies; 9-12

The American Historical Association’s Classroom Materials is for professional development and can be used to supplement grade 10-12 history and social studies classes. Browse resources by topic (25), resource type (7), or project (7). No standards are listed. No PDFs provided.

Linking Family History and World History illustrates how visual primary sources (family history) can be included in world history courses. Students examine a primary source photograph, make valid inferences and generalizations, and conduct research, which leads to additional primary sources and secondary sources to provide context in constructing a narrative.

Teaching World War One History through Food This resource is a collection of five videos on food that can be used to supplement lessons on World War I. As the introductory video explains the U.S. was providing food aid to Europe before entering the war militarily in 1917. Videos cover how our own eating habits changed, the use of soybeans and sugar substitutes, and what was appealing called eating nose to tail. Representative meals are prepared. Note: one meal is cow’s tongue, which may or may not appeal to all. A final video, Educators' Workshop on Teaching World War I, 1914-19, (2:31:54) details how to use food as an instructional aid in teaching World War I.

Teaching Environmental History in the US and World History Surveys: Overview of Topics and Resources  provides information on the Little Ice Age and its possible causes, the impacts of climate change around the world, disease in environmental history, and the guano trade and agriculture. This resource links to many supporting documents and recommends additional readings.


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