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Earth Rangers

found in: math; science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Earth Rangers: Curriculum Resources  provide cross-curricular K-12 lessons dealing with aspects of nature and wildlife. 

Butterfly Gardens  ( PDF, 177 KB, 3 pgs.) has students in grades K-4 create butterfly gardens and explore how location, plants, and maintenance affect outcome. For urban students without access to open land, Rooftop Gardens  ( PDF, 259 KB, 3 pgs.) offers K-8 students a chance to explore the benefits of rooftop gardening buildings and for students who can use the areas to read and write outdoors in addition to gardening.

JUMP Math: Lessons on Math and the Environment is a group of leveled units for primary, junior, and intermediate students. For example, the Primary Unit  ( PDF, 1.4 MB, 23 pgs.) has three lessons (1-3): classification in geometry, classification in biology, and applying math in food webs. The units include all necessary materials for games and activities.

A Working Model of a Stream  ( PDF, 538 KB, 4 pgs.) has students in grades 2-5 simulate the effects of flooding, erosion, and watershed problems with outdoor and indoor models.

Window into the Wild  ( PDF, 756 KB, 7 pgs.) (4-12) Students monitor school grounds for wildlife and develop strategies to improve local habitats. Species scorecards are included.

Classroom Activities  (3-6) Activities cover seed dispersal, habitat loss, bats and white-nose syndrome, and climate change.


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