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24/7 Science (Lawrence Hall of Science)

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

24/7 Science (Lawrence Hall of Science)  provides activities, games, quizzes for K-8 science students and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Activity Collections can be browsed in their entirety or under four headings.

Afterschool Kidzscience includes Bug Hunt!  Students hunt for insects, record what they find, and submit their data online. In addition, they discover where different insects live. In three steps, students enter zip code, indicate insects (10 total) seen, and submit. A zoom in map of the U.S. adds a blue pin (the rest are red) for each entry and a chart compares each report with others from the same zip code.

Explore Your World includes How Old is Your Penny?  Students collect as many pennies as they want and enter the mint dates online. The resulting bar graph shows how many pennies have been reported in each years. Avid coin collectors will note and question the spike on 1909 pennies reported.

Under Games and Activities includes Aphid Eater!  in which students play as a ladybug to protect a rose from aphids. As they play they learn the life cycle of the ladybug. Other activities include Captain Joseph Kittinger’s record-breaking 100,000-foot parachute jump in 1960, a multimedia trip up through the atmosphere and around Earth, an introduction to scanning electron microscopes, whale sounds, weaving, six-card arrangements, and more. Some activities are in English and Spanish.


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