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found in: science; 6-8; 9-12

NOVA Labs  provide games and interactives for grade 6-12 science and technology students that foster authentic scientific exploration. Currently there are 6 labs (More labs will be added.) that explore evolution, cybersecurity, RNA, clouds, energy, and the sun. Have an idea for a new lab? Send your suggestion to: Each lab introduces experts, has video to furnish background, and is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers will find educator guides for each lab attached to each lab and at NOVA Labs for Educators.

The Cybersecurity Lab Students learn about cyber threats and defenses. They progress using computer coding, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and vulnerability detection to solve problems. Cybersecurity professionals use these skills. Prior cybersecurity or coding skills are not required to succeed. The Teacher Guide  outlines the four game components, links to external resources, and includes a lesson plan and glossary. Cybersecurity 101  is a video overview of Internet history, networks and weaknesses and includes a quiz.

RNA VirtuaLab  RNA is more than a just messenger between DNA and proteins. The origin of life, evolution, and cell function depend on it. In this lab, students work as molecular engineers to solve RNA folding puzzles, and then use their skills to design RNAs that could be at the heart of future life-saving therapies on the NOVA version of Eterna, software that lets citizen scientists invent medicine.

The Cloud Lab Students classify clouds, track the development of Hurricane Sandy, analyze tropical storm data, and use data and imagery to track and predict behavior of storms.


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