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National Marine Sanctuaries

found in: art; math; science; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

National Marine Sanctuaries (NOAA) Education  provides standards-aligned lessons and activities as well as webinars for grade 6-8 and 9-12 science, social studies, math, and art, some of which can be adapted for younger students. For teachers and students who live on or near the coasts, the National Marine Sanctuary System offers hands-on opportunities. See the Education Infographic  for descriptions of the centers. ( PDF, 21.4 MB, 2 pgs.)

This is a huge collection with many useful resources. Here are only a few:

For Teachers  provides curriculum, lesson plans/units, evaluation plans, free materials, workshops, field studies, and grants. For schools along one of the coasts, the New Toolkit Helps Students and Teachers in the Fight Against Marine Debris  offers a Marine Debris Monitoring Toolkit for Educators  (  PDF, 9.1 MB, 41 pgs.) to help teach students about marine debris. Students conduct debris surveys and enter data into a national database, analyze monitoring results, and get involved in stewardship in their communities. Maritime Archaeology: Discovering and Exploring Shipwrecks  has activities for grades 4-8 and 6-12. Putting the Pieces Together: Shipwreck Photomosaics   (  PDF, 716 KB, 5 pgs.) is one of many devoted to the Monitor, a Civil War ironclad. In it, students in grades 4-6 learn how photomosaics are created and their importance in documenting shipwrecks.

For Students features videos, introduces marine careers, and highlights opportunities and scholarships. The Ocean Guardian Activity Book (  PDF, 1.6 MB, 12 pgs.) Students in grades K-3 complete word searches, games, and coloring pages to learn about the importance of the oceans. One of the videos features nudibranchs. There are 3,000 known species of nudibranchs. In the brief video (0:37) Nudibranchs two are shown. At least one appears in Finding Nemo. Another video (0:38) provides a glimpse of yellow tang cleaning a green sea turtle at a Turtle Cleaning Station.