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Design Squad Global

found in: math; science; 3-5; 6-8

Design Squad Global encourages students in grades 5-8 to design and build their own projects with engineering activities and videos.

Watch: Students can see what others have accomplished in brief videos. The videos can be browsed as a whole or limited by subject headings. A lever at the top produces random videos. Piano Smash  (5:42) explains how Sam and his family achieved the special effect he wanted in a music video without destroying a real baby grand piano.

Design: This section requires students to create an account. No personal information is used. Once they have an account, students describe an idea. They can watch what others have made, share ideas, and once an idea has been approved, make a sketch. Along the way, they get stickers.

Build has seven categories of activities. A Stuff Spinner shows what can be built with stuff around the house. Choose 1, 2, or 3 of 12 total items and see what the spinner can make. Choosing a paperclip produced 12 projects, all requiring additional materials that can be found around the house.

Games:Five online games challenge students to aid tiny creatures called Fidgets and one more to make music.

Parents & Educators: This section has activities and videos, guides, lesson plans, professional development resources and online workshops, and the DSG Club, in which students can partner with a DSG club from a different country.


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