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Econ Ed at St Louis Fed Freebie

found in: math; social studies; preK - 2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Econ Ed at St Louis Fed  is a source of 26 types of K-12+ resources primarily in economics and personal finance but also in related civics, history, literature, math, and STEM. Resources can be keyword searched and filter by language (17 are available in Spanish), subject, resource type and concept. Resources can be ordered alphabetically or by release date.

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday Lesson for Grades K-2  After listening to Judith Viorst’s story, students discuss Alexander’s choices and brainstorm how he could save money to reach his goal. They count to 100 by 2s and create bar graphs. The lesson includes print and whiteboard resources.

Saving and Spending Game  Prior to this activity, Grade 3-5 students should read/hear Uncle Jed's Barbershop and review concepts: income, savings, savings goal, and spending. See: Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Lesson  Students play in groups of four or five and take turns rolling dice and drawing cards to reach a savings goal of $50. Dice required.

Tools for Teaching Economics Using "Lawn Boy" Lesson for Grades 6-8  This six-part unit follows Gary Paulsen’s novel and covers markets & circular flow, supply/demand/opportunity costs, stocks, productivity, capital markets & taxes, and portfolio diversification. Following a review, the class is divided into two teams to play a game. Review and game questions/cards are provided.

Fed Board Builder  is a simulation for grades 9-12. In small groups, students evaluate 22 fictional candidates and select seven to recommend to fill vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board. A PDF,  links to preparatory video and reading materials and provides instructions and candidate cards.



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