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found in: math; science; 3-5; 6-8

FoodMASTER  is a collection of hands-on activities and virtual programs that use food to teach math and science. These enhancement resources are categorized under grades 3-5, 6-8, and higher education.

Grades 3-5  curriculum covers ten topics in food groups, measurement, food safety, and management. Resources include posters, teacher’s edition, chapters, and math supplements. Chapter 5, for example, covers Milk and Cheese.  ( PDF, 415 KB, 12 pgs.) In a hands-on activity, Comparing Milk, students compare whole, 2%, skim, and soy milk for color, texture, flavor, calories, fat, and calcium. In the Math Supplement,  students compare the yogurt production of two groups.

Grades 6-8 curriculum covers 12 topics in food, math, and science. Chapter 2, Food Safety, ( PDF, 1.8 MB, 26 pgs.) asks students to calibrate bi-metal thermometers using boiling water and ice water methods. Videos (YouTube and Non-YouTube versions) illustrate method and point out safety issues.

Higher Education curriculum covers 12 topics in food, math, and science and features Lab PDFs and Distant Education (DE) digital workbooks with lab material and chapter questions. Chapter 12 deals with Yeast Breads ( PDF, 189 KB, 21 pgs.) In the activity, English Muffins, Rolls, & More Yeast Breads, students experiment with the effects of using different flours and preparing different types of yeast breads.


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