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found in: science; math; preK-2; 2-5; 6-8; 9-12

Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s (JPL) Education  website offers K-12 STEM lessons activities and opportunities for teachers, students, and families. Next Generation Science Standards are listed.

Learn includes activities, toolkit, and contest opportunities. Activities can be browsed or keyword searched and filtered by type (game, project, slideshow, video), subject, grade, and topic. Build You Own Space Mission begins by having students create their own scientist avatar, choose lab equipment, a spacecraft to build and equip, and finally launch a mission to Mars, the Moon, or Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Toolkit contains 12 types of support resources, including interactives, multimedia, printouts and downloads, posters, and infographics. See Contest and Competitions  for a complete calendar of opportunities.

STEM Activities for Families are grouped under five headings: general, engineering science, technology and computer science, and mathematics. K-12 families analyze images of planets, asteroids, comets and moons, and use observed shape, line, color, texture, value to create a art in Art and the Cosmic Connection.

Teach  includes activities, resources, workshops, and programs. Activities can browsed or searched and filtered by type, subject, grade, and topic. One activity, Thermal Expansion Model is for students in grades 4-12. Students build models with plastic bottles and straws and other common items to illustrate that water expands when heated. Resources  fall under 13 categories, including blogs, career guidance, discovery guides, and professional development. Educator Workshops are for teachers and informal educators. Most are held in Southern California but events are held throughout the country. A calendar provides details.



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