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Homeric Games

found in: language arts & literature; social studies; 6-8; 9-12

Iliad Game  would serve well as a review of major events and characters for grade 6-12 social studies and language arts students studying The Iliad. Game play consists of a series of questions, 210 in total covering the 24 books. A correct answer provides the next question. An incorrect answer provides a hint and a chance to answer again.

Note: incorrect spelling counts as a wrong answer (as do spellings unrecognized (by the game) such as “Mt. or Mount Olympus” for Olympus), but a menu bar at the top of the page lists Greeks, Trojans, and Immortals with correct spelling and information that will help students make sense of hints. After completing a book, a student can take a quiz on the completed book or advance immediately to the next.

Caution: the quizzes at the end of each book are not based on the questions previously answered. The Iliad game is a long game. It can be played after each book or in any fashion that fits the needs of a class. Navigate lets students reenter where they left off.

Odyssey Game Students choose to play as Odysseus, Telemachus, or Penelope. Those who choose to play as Odysseus begin the game as he leaves Troy. Those who play as Telemachus beginas he first hears of his father. Those who play as Penelope start when Telemachus’s suddenly begins to act like the master of the house. Correct answers provide the next episode and question. Incorrect answers provide hints and another chance.


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