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Consumer Jungle

found in: math; 9-12

Consumer Jungle  is a source of practical information on personal finance, interactive games, and Apps for students in grades 9-12 economics or business. It lists contests and lets students submit articles for a chance to be a featured student editor. Filter by topic and search by keyword.

Games & Apps 

Credit Card Simulator  (Note: the link on the page is outdated.) The simulator works best with Firefox or IE. Students choose one of three credit cards with varying terms and APRs and then take a shopping spree to assess the true cost of credit card interest.

Fraud of the Month: Articles can be searched by keyword and filtered by topic and year of publication (2009-Present) and downloaded as PDFs. Student Debt Crisis (May 2017) links to a 2-page document that explains what can happen if students default on student loans and what they can do to avoid defaulting.

How to Buy a Car: Short articles on buying, operating, and maintaining a car and a car-buying App (iOS, Android). Let's Wheel and Deal  takes the form of a game show. Students answer questions and make decisions about their dream car to win a calculator skin.

Jungle Talk 

What is Identity Theft? Why Should I Care?  is a student editor’s advice on how to protect your identity. It links to related resources.

Money Messups, Mishaps & Mistakes  are anecdotes about mistakes made and lessons learned.

Contests  Keep up on the latest opportunities.

Ask Jungle Bob  Want to know how to buy stock or check your credit report? This is the place to search for answers.

Teachers can create a free account at the related website, Take Charge Today (Formerly Family Economics & Financial Education), to find grade 7-12 lesson plans.



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