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K-12 Lesson Plans (Syracuse University)

found in: arts; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

K-12 Lesson Plans (Syracuse University) were created from resources found in the university’s ­­rare book and manuscript collection and are aligned with New York State Standards, New York State Common Core Learning Standards, and AASL Standards for the 21st century Learner. Suitable for K-12 social studies and art.

Erie Canal (  PDF, 1.6 MB, 7 pgs.) (Grades 3-5) In small groups, students compare primary documents (maps) to understand how the Erie Canal transformed transportation between the Hudson River and Lake Erie. Maps, sketch, and teacher key are included.

Ancient World Writing Systems: Cuneiform and Papyrus  (  PDF, 921 KB, 7 pgs.) (Grades 5-6) Students examine a cuneiform tablet and papyrus fragment to see how written communication developed and compare these ancient writing systems with current digital writing technologies. Images and worksheets are included.

American Industrial Revolution  (  PDF, 1.4 MB, 5 pgs.) (Grades 9-10) Working in small groups and independently, students investigate child labor during the American Industrial Revolution and create a newspaper front page advocating for child labor reform. Contemporary photographs are included.

The Yellow Kid (  PDF, 91 KB, 6 pgs.) (Grades 10-12) Students learn about the reforms of the Progressive Era: prohibition, restrictions on monopolies, implementation of income tax, voting reforms, immigration control, and the growth of labor unions that followed the social and political corruption of the Gilded Age by examining R. F. Outcault's newspaper cartoon "The Yellow Kid." Links to a gallery of 88 Yellow Kid tear sheets, including George Luks’s and Richard Felton Outcault’s cartoons, from the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library website.


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