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Curriculum Connections (American Museum of Natural History)

found in: science; 6-8; 9-12

Curriculum Connections (American Museum of Natural History)  is a source of lessons, activities, articles, videos, professional development, and more for science educators and students. Activities can be downloaded as PDFs.

Dinosaurs: Activities and Lesson Plans has 28 activities for elementary students including a Plate Tectonics Puzzle in which students work with a partner and use the location of fossils to reconstruct what Earth’s surface may have looked like approximately 220 million years ago. The six-page PDF includes student materials and answer key. Observe a Dinosaur has students observe birds, living dinosaurs, outdoors or on videos to record their behavior the way scientists (and moviemakers) do to understand how dinosaurs might have moved and acted.

Polar Climate Change Lesson Plans helps grade 6-12 students understand the role of the polar regions in the global climate system, the impact of changing temperatures on ecosystems, and the effect of increased CO2 on food webs. Dissolved CO2, Acidification, and the Effects on Marine Biomes is a five-day 7th grade unit that examines how ocean acidification affects marine life. A series of hands-on activities are described. Lists NGSS.

Integrating Literacy Strategies into Science Instruction is a series of six professional development video workshops that demonstrate how teachers can integrate literacy strategies in science lessons to meet Common Core Standards. The videos, approximately 5-10 minutes long, cover paraphrasing, summarizing, read-alouds, interactive reading, vocabulary, and writing scientific explanations.

Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS Into Instruction and Classroom Assessment explains how teachers can translation the NGSS science concepts, practices, and performance expectations into instructional sequences. Each tool includes video, facilitator guides, PowerPoint slides, handouts, examples, and templates. (Two hours)


Seminars of Science: Online Courses for Educators offers six-week courses in the life, Earth, and physical sciences. Course work includes case studies, textbook readings, videos, interactive simulations, image galleries, and discussions. Teachers can complete weekly activities at their own pace. Classes are offered throughout the year. Graduate credit is available.

Note: The next session starts September 17, 2018. Register before August 20 for a $50 discount.


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