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Historical Thinking Matters: Teacher Materials and Strategies

found in: social studies; 9-12

Historical Thinking Matters: Teacher Materials and Strategies  provides four high school social studies modules for: Spanish American War, Scopes trial, Social Security, and Rosa Parks; standards from seven states; teaching strategies; classroom materials; examples of student work; and additional resources. All modules offer 1, 3, and 5 lesson units with textbook suggestions and resources: activities, organizers, documents, and overheads. Resources include historical interpretations. Versions in Spanish are included.

Scopes Trial  Students investigate the political, economic, social, and cultural context of the trial. They discover that the trial was not just a debate between evolutionists and creationists but reflected tensions between rural and urban culture, agnostics and fundamentalists, and traditionalism and modernity that prevailed in the 1920s.

Social Security Students should be familiar with FDR’s New Deal before examining the creation and substance of the Social Security program in 1936 to consider whether it was a revolution or a limited program that reinforced existing social hierarchies. Students use historians’ interpretations in the resources section to compare Social Security with the New Deal.

Rosa Parks Students examine the popular yet simplified and inaccurate view of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Using primary documents, they discover that Rosa Parks was more than a tired seamstress and that the Montgomery Bus Boycott was bigger than a one-woman show.



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