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Knowledge@Wharton High School

found in: math; social studies; 9-12

Part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS)  features lessons, articles, videos, glossary, and other resources in business and personal finance for grade 9-12 students and teachers. Lessons are aligned to National Standards for Business Education standards. It has content in Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. About Us  links to tips for teachers and students. For complete access, teachers must register for free.

Lesson Plans can be browsed under eleven heading or searched by alphabetized list  or by NBEA standards.

For example, under Economics, are seven lessons under the subheading The Role of GovernmentCompetition 101 — Perfect Competition, Oligopoly and Monopolies  After comparing perfect competition with monopolies and oligopolies, students work in groups to find examples of each type of market. They read “Microsoft Vs. the Feds: Drawing the Battle Lines”  and consider the effect of monopolies on consumers.

Articles can be browsed or sorted by most recent, most commented, or most popular. A recent article, Inside the Economic Warfare Involving Tariffs and Trade, examines the effects of tariffs on small businesses. Conversation starters follow the article.

Video Glossary includes a written transcript. The video/audio would be an aid for the visually impaired but adds nothing new to the transcript. Links to terms are also found in articles.

Videos are short descriptions of business experiences. A High School Freshman Raises Funds on Kickstarter for Her New Kind of Backpack  (6:33) is an interview with 14-year-old Emily Scott who invented and developed the Clip and Zip backpack.

Podcasts are brief audio reports. Some duplicate the videos. Creating Tasty, New Foods that Help Sustain Our Planet  (6:17) examines tasty, fast food like the Impossible Burger that uses plant rather than animal ingredients.
Competitions and Programs lists current and ongoing programs for students and teachers such as Investment Competition, a free, global, online investment simulation for high school students.


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