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Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

found in: preK-2; science

Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth (2017) by Oliver Jeffers is a picture book for PreK-2 is an introduction to Earth and its place as well as each person’s place in the cosmos. Jeffers wrote the book for his infant son and addresses unspeaking audience throughout. The universe, solar system, constellations, land, sea, human body, human diversity, animals, time, and ecology are presented with a touch of subtle humor in general terms that can be explored further. Because some of the illustrations are dark and the print, which at times resembles handwriting, are small, Here We Are will work best read aloud to small groups so that all can see the details in the pictures. Inside the front and back covers shows how to find ones way if lost at night in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Here are some lessons to investigate concepts suggested by Here We Are.


How Big is the Sun? Exploring the Size and Scale of the Sun, Earth and Moon  (grade 1-3 science) Students paint a model of the Sun and learn that 109 Earths span the diameter of the Sun and that 4 Moons span the diameter of the Earth.


How To Make A Star Wheel The Simple Way  Download, print and assemble star wheels to locate constellations in the night sky. Card stock will make more durable star wheels. Younger students will require assistance.


Across the Landscape (grade 1-3 social studies & art) Using colored pencils, markers, and textured materials such as sandpaper, aluminum foil, and corrugated paper, students create a display of the landforms.


Under the Deep Blue Sea  (grade K-2 science, language arts, & art) In six activities, students explore the ocean and its many life forms, listen to ocean literature, and create an ocean display.


Earth’s Population And Resources: Concepts For K-2  (PDF , 189 KB, 4 pgs.) Includes two activities (Go Fish and Earth Cookie) that illustrate constraints on consumption and land use.


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