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K12 Science: A Portal for K-12 Educators

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K12 Science: A Portal for K-12 Educators houses collections of teaching activities for K-12 and above.

K-8 Activities has lessons and activities in life, physical, earth, and space science. Search or filter by resource type, subject and grade level. Lessons include teaching tips, assessment, and standards. For example, in Investigating Chromatography: Separating Pigments  primary students investigate colors used to create black, water-soluble markers. Extension activities use primary and secondary colored water-soluble markers and spinach leaves. Worm Investigation to Explore Experimental Design  Middle School students work in small groups to design an experiment involving earthworms, collect data, and prepare and present a scientific presentation.

9-12 Activities  can be searched or filtered by subject and resource type. For example, The STINK Test: Validating Resources  provides a Framework ( PDF, 451 KB, 5 pgs.) for determining whether or not a source of information is scientifically valid. Lists Next Generation Science Standards. A similar framework is the CRAAP Test  ( PDF, 70.4 KB, 1 pg.)

AP/IB/Honors High School Teachers  provides lessons in biology, chemistry, environmental science, geoscience, and physics. Another link leads to earth science resources. For example, Carbon Units is a unit in which students explore, compare, and interpret carbon fluxes from the Ameriflux network.

Teaching With Maps  features three examples of how maps can enhance instruction and links to lesson and activities that use maps.




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