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Kimono As Art Lesson Plans

found in: art; social studies, preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Kimono As Art: Lesson Plans  is a collection of 12 cross curricular lessons centered on Japanese art that include Ohio state art standards, vocabulary, background information, material lists, handouts and illustrations, assessments, and additional print and internet resources. Note: the web links are not always reliable. In some cases, searching the parent website provides the resource.

Carp/Koi Kites and Japan’s Children's Day  ( PDF, 347 KB, 5 pgs.) Students (PreK-8) investigate Children’s Day in Japan (May 5th) and make a carp kite, a symbol of strength and courage in Japan. The lesson includes enrichment activities in math, social studies, language arts, and science.

Stamping And Painting Fabric Kimonos   ( PDF, 299 KB, 2 pgs.) Students (4-8) investigate how sleeve length reflected gender and class in Japan, and stamp, stencil, and paint muslin to create kimonos.

Shibori: Japanese Tie-Dyeing  ( PDF, 314 KB, 4 pgs.) Students (7) experiment with three different shibori dyeing techniques. This lesson can be adjusted for younger and older students. In a follow-up lesson, Shibori Pillow  students design and create a pillow using shibori techniques.

Japanese Book Making Unit  ( PDF, 268 KB, 5 pgs.) In this three lesson unit, students (7-12) learn about Japanese stab binding, orizomegami paper dyeing, and haiku as they make books with hand-dyed paper and their own haiku.

Resources On Japanese Art & Culture  provides background information for students.


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