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Northeast Fisheries Science Center

found in:science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8

  • Northeast Fisheries Science Center provides K-8 science lessons in bioacoustics, food webs, adaptations and climates change, marine mammals, threats to marine mammals, and salmon. Lessons list Next Generation Science Standards and can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • What Is Bioacoustics (K-2) Students become familiar with sounds made by various marine mammals, and discover how man-made noise has made it harder for marine mammals to communicate. Three activities let students discover how sound can be an effective way to communicate. The lesson provides slides, activity cards, and activity strips and links to whale sounds that can be played or downloaded. A good bass speaker or headphones are required to hear the lower pitched sounds. Links to other additional resources are provided.
  • What Is A Food Web (K-5) Students examine marine food webs and trophic levels and place marine mammals in their proper place on the food web. They explore how humans affect marine food webs. The lesson provides slides and two activities.
  • Salmon  (5-8) Students examine real telemetry data to understand challenges young salmon, or smolts, encounter as they migrate downstream to the ocean. The lesson also focuses on man-made obstructions such as dams and roads. The lesson provides slides and three activities.


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