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HERB: Social History For Every Classroom

found in: preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12; social studies

HERB: Social History For Every Classroom  offers primary documents and teaching activities for K-12 social studies and history classrooms. Teachers can browse collections, types of teaching activities, historical eras, and themes or keyword search and narrow search results by item type, tag, theme, or historical era. For example, to choose an activity aligned to common core standards, narrow by tag. All lesson materials are supplied and can be downloaded.

Under Group Activities is FDR's Tree Army: Personal Turning Points in the CCC, students examine the goals of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and explain how it fit the broader goals of the New Deal. In groups, they create posters based on photographs and quotes from primary documents describing life in the CCC.

Under Lessons in Looking is A Country within a Country: Understanding San Francisco's Chinatown, students read and examine text and photographs (primary and secondary sources) to explore what community meant to residents and to outsiders in San Francisco's Chinatown in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Under Using Political Cartoons is Debating Immigration Restriction: The Ellis Island Era, students analyze political cartoons, letters, newspaper articles, posters, and other sources, to find evidence to support viewpoints expressed in a 1903 cartoon "The Immigrant."

Under Literature in the History Classroom is "Uncle Sam's Got Himself in a Terrible Jam": Protest Music and the Vietnam War, students listen to and analyze the lyrics of "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die-Rag," a Vietnam War protest song sung by Country Joe and the Fish and discuss how music can be used to protest and to motivate people.


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