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Cleveland Museum of Art

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The Cleveland Museum of Art has a collection of cross-curricular lessons for grades K-12. The collection is designed for distance learning with live videoconferencing, though the lessons and resources (short the Teacher Information Packets) can be used separately. See: Distance Learning Overview for details on arranging live videoconferences. Lessons can be searched with keywords (including grade) and tags (art terms) and filtered by discipline. Lesson list Common Core and National Standards as well as Ohio, New York, and Michigan state standards.


“A” is for Apple, “A” is for Art ( PDF, 864 KB, 10 pp) (K-2) Students learn to observe stylistic details in artworks or artifacts to determine if a work/object is old or new. The lesson includes images of still life paintings by Renoir, Matisse, and Picasso. Provides links to teaching extensions and suggests further activities for the classroom and home.


Weather, Weather Everywhere  ( PDF,1.9 MB, 20 pp) (4-7) Students learn about the water cycle and to identify different types of clouds by their shape and altitude. Extension activities include making barometer and a cloud in a bottle.


How Does Architecture Effect The Acoustics Of A Space ( PDF, 424 KB, 8 pp) (9-12) Students explore sound waves to understand the relationship of acoustics and physical space. An enrichment activity has students determines the sound field in their bedroom. Note: The online sound field calculator link provided was not functioning. Instead use the: Troldtekt Acoustics Calculator.


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