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Smith College K-12 Teacher Resources

found in: language arts; arts; preK-23-56-89-12

The Smith College Museum of Art’s K-12 Teacher Resources are organized by grade range: early childhood through secondary and curriculum area: visual art and language arts. This small collection of lessons is aligned to Massachusetts standards.


Dancin' Art: Movement and Degas' Dancer Moving Forward ( PDF, 188 Kb, 4 pp) (Early Childhood) Students examine Degas’ sculpture of a dancer, model their own movements while playing Freeze, and make their own sculptures with modeling clay.


A Whirl of Colors: Seurat’s Woman with a Monkey and the Color Wheel ( PDF, 470 KB, 6 pp) (Elementary) Students learn about primary, secondary and complementary colors and their relationships by examining Seurat’s painting and use his techniques to make their own pointillist pictures.


The Power of Paint: Diego Rivera and the Role of the Artist in Communities ( PDF, 524 KB, 9 pp) (Secondary) Students analyze examples of Diego Rivera’s work to understand his political ideals and his desire to foster pride in Mexican history and culture. Students make self-portraits that illustrate their own cultural background.


Past Exhibition Teacher Packs are resources that will be useful preparation for classroom lessons or visits to the museum. One such packet is Face to Face: Portraits from the Smith College Museum of Art. ( PDF, 2.2 MB, 14 pp)


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