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found in: science; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

GeoLiteracy cross-curricular K-12 lessons can be browsed as a whole or filtered by grade. Lesson overviews link to teacher instructions and student materials and list Arizona, Common Core, and National Geography Standards. Many lessons have strategies for ELL.

Helper Ants (K) After discussing plants and animals of the desert, students work in teams to build bridges for ants to cross. A PDF of the lesson ( 475 KB, 4 pp) links to a background lesson on the Sonoran Desert. The lesson suggests extensions and links to other sources.

I Am a Rock, I Am an Island: Describing Landforms and Bodies of Water (1-2) Students describe landforms and bodies of water and write riddles to demonstrate their understanding of these physical features.

Urquhart Castle: Learning about a Castle and Its Workers (3-4) Students learn the roles of the people living in a castle and its surrounding area and how location can benefit human activity.
Create A City: An Urban Planning Exercise (4-8) Students work in groups to design a city that preserves its surrounding environment. They write a statement that explains how they used geography to improve the quality of life.
Tales From The Crypt: Learning about Geography and History from Your Local Cemetery (6-12) Students explore a local cemetery and discover that it can provide information about their community’s history and geography. They present findings in charts, graphs, and reports.


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