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K-12 Online Astronomy Activities

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s K-12 Online Astronomy Activities is a collection of interdisciplinary lessons organized under 18 headings. An Appendix links to books that can be printed. Activities under each heading are labeled elementary, middle school, high school, and any grade. Note: Some offsite resource links may prove to be bad. This is especially true of NASA resources. Often searching the home site will provide the activity.

Moon Quest: Students (K-8) work in small groups to search the Internet for moon myths from different cultures and try to identify the astronomy behind them.

Why Should We Care About Exploding Stars includes on its second page an activity, Astronomy in the Marketplace. Students (K-12) list consumer products that have been named after astronomical objects and hypothesize why such names appeal to businesses and what product qualities are emphasized by the names or images.

Invent An Alien  Students (4-8) given parameters construct a model of an alien that could exist on another planet or satellite in our solar system.

Inverse Square Law: Students (6-12) measure how light from a source spreads out using a flashlight and graph paper.

A Scale Model of a Black Hole Students (9-12) calculate scale models of a binary star system with a black hole. The lesson includes black hole myths and lists books for further investigation.


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